The plank exercise is often featured in our Boot Camp classes. It was only natural that we would make it one of our monthly challenges. I found it amazing to see the mental and physical strength that went into participating in this challenge every week. Great work to all who took on this challenge!

January Challenge

Plank hold for time. Positioned from your toes and wrists lined up right under your shoulders. Once your hips rise or fall the times stops.

 Challenge Winner: Laura Kelleher
Total Time: 12:02
Number Of Attempts: 1

A Little More On Laura…….

Favorite Exercise
“The Tire Pull”

Favorite Piece Of Equipment In The Dungeon 
“The Slosh Pipe”

Most Dreaded Exercise
“Kettlebell Snatches”

Favorite Food
“Chicken Kabobs”

Biggest Accomplishment In The Gym So Far
“I have become stronger and more fit in every way. I can do things I never thought possible”

Future Goals
“Decrease my mile time and to run another marathon”

Favorite Quote
“Whatever you fear most has no power…… is your fear that has the power”

Favorite Work-Out Song
“Sexy And I Know It”

Congratulations Laura!!!!

Two Honorable Mentions
Erin Kelly-7:15
Amanda Colella-7:00

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